Monday, June 27, 2011

Exporting Password Protected Files, EnScript

I got couple of e-mail after this post.

They were much happy about the automation done to find the protected file. But, they wanted me  not only to find the protected file, but also to export the password protected file. So, after couple of my regular work, I made some extra spare time to help them. The result is below, download and make use of it.
This EnScript works only on Microsoft office and PDF files,because most of the users stores data down here. When they feel, its classified information or secret.

How to Protect file ?

There are 'n' number of video than this.

With the help of this EnScript , Investigator can export protected file and decrypt  with the help of third party password cracker.

To make use of this EnScript, Copy the files to the respective folder.


EnScript to c:\Program Files\EnCase6\EnScript
EnLicense  to c:\Program Files\EnCase6\License

If you got any problem using this particular EnScript, feel free to e-mail me....

"Just A Click, EnScript Does The Rest"
Download here : EnScriptLicence

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