Friday, June 24, 2011

Finding Encrypted Files Using EnCase

There was 'n' number of situation, where Me/You would have stuck with finding Encrypted or Password protected files among the other normal files. So, I have worked on EnScript which Run on EnCase to solve the problem for me and you. The job of EnScript is to scan all files in the forensically driven image, and see through them whether its password protected/Encrypted. I feel its real cool, but still its in the developing stage. Why its in developing stage, the one only reason , its sucks more time on scanning all files, I'm working on it.

The only Inspiration behind this EnScript is coz of this link 

If you need to use this EnScript, you need two thinks Genuine EnCase and License to Run the Script.

If you are interested twit me ,or mail me for the License to Run the EnScript.

"Suggestion and Comments are Welcome"


"Just a click, EnScript Does the Rest"

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