Monday, August 27, 2012

Save Energy | Monitor

That was really a long time, I have posted something useful[hope you don’t mind].

I was using an CRT Monitor for the past 5 Years , which consumed an energy which emitted heat on my face. Which took ample amount of electric power for its usage, and most of the time I don’t off my monitor when I have an break – so technology took more energy[Indirectly I wasted].I was having mind of that for long time, where I can’t help. On the other hand, my PC also taking more electric power compared to laptop. Somewhere in my Mind it was registered that no to PC and CRT.

So, now I got laptop and an LCD Monitor, which takes 1/3 power compared to older technology and I don’t need to invest in UPS, for backup. And I was haunting Google for Monitor optimiser of human error, to my surprise I got this, MonitorES - Monitor Energy Saver v1.0.1b , it do’s magic in saving electric energy. I’m trying my best to save energy and trying to go green and recycle, and making surrounding plastic free.