Friday, August 5, 2011

Export Tally

Greeting to all,

The attached EnScript is used to extract all Tally related files to the desired path, (Folder Option).

Tally is the Accounting software which is used in India and South Asia Regions alot.

Initially I have struggled a lot on Extracting Tally related file on the structural basis, still I extracted unwanted file.

Tally Related File incense : Tally data of all versions and Tally Backup of all version

After the lesson learned from my experience, I have made this EnScript.

This is really easy to use, If you come to know the power of ExportTally EnScript you will spread and share with others.

If you were n00b to EnCase make use of it.

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Nirmal Jose
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  1. Hi, thanks a lot for the script. Any idea how i can reset or bypass the userid and password screen once the company file has been restored?