Monday, March 21, 2011

Jose Console Vs Dixon Box

 Dixon Box which is enabled in EnCase show selected items, among the total items.

And My Console, ie., "Jose Console" Shows number of selected items, which differentiate file and folders selected among them.

Among that, it will show total size of selected items in bytes, KB,MB,GB. ( It not so accurate, coz thinking of two decimal or more)

New version of this EnScript will replace the existing, which overcome the issues  in KB,MB,GB .

Tested in EnCase v 6.18.59

Waiting for your comments

Download Here

Friday, March 18, 2011

Finding Number of Encrypted File

Hello Everyone,

My First EnScript on Web.
This Script is the beta version, changed depending upon your suggestion.

What this Script do's ?
1.Search's for the Encrypted File.
2.Once Found
           a. Prints the File Name ,
           b.Prints Full path,
           c.Prints Size of File
           d.Prints MAC time.
in the Console.

Waiting for your Suggestion.

Download Here